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Vive junto a Ecomontes Tours de la belleza de los Andes Ecuatorianos y la magia y el misterio de la selva amazónica. Tenemos para ti, los paquetes más completos para que tu viaje sea inolvidable.

Siente la fuerza de la naturaleza con nuestros tours de aventura

La belleza de los paisajes ecuatorianos se complementan con la adrenalina que sentirás minuto a minuto en cada unos de nuestros tours de aventura. Rafting, trekking, ascensos y varias actividades más te esperan...

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Hiking is an activity that is practiced in all types of terrain, walking has become a popular activity. Besides being an excellent form of exercise, is close to be the ideal activity. Its flexibility allows it to be practiced in...

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Trekking to Piñan Lakes (4 Days)

Trekking to Piñan Lakes (4 Days)

DAY 1:  We start from the town of Otavalo 8H00am until Irubincho community to begin the walk where paths and small chaquiñanes, have a spectacular view across the valley of Imbabura and through different pre-Columbian Pucaras (viewpoints) and then arrive at...

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Trekking Machetes Intag

Trekking Machetes Intag

We leave at 7 am Otavalo to the sector to take the road Huayrapungo called Machete, entering the lush cloud forest where we will travel 12 km.Azabí to the community that is within the well-known Intag valley at an altitude...

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Jungle Tour


The Amazon jungle of Ecuador offers an extensive and lush of flora and fauna,   for all those lovers of nature. It's an adventure you will never forget, the amazon with its natural scenery provides habitat of colorful birds, amphibians, butterflies, arachnids, mammals, reptiles, primates and others. You share the life of native peoples living within the Amazon region, their experiences, their customs and daily life.

In our country there is some National Parks in the Amazon region, where you can experience the biodiversity of the jungle. The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is the largest park and also the deepest in the Ecuadorian jungle. The Cuyabeno Wildlife reserve main located in the northern Amazon region, will find unique and diverse scenery where you can enjoy and live with nature directly.


cuyabeno animal_7


It is located north of Ecuador; northwestern Sucumbios province has a humid tropical average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and annual rainfall of 4,500 to 5,000 millimeters per year.

Was declared Wildlife Reserve Cuyabeno in 1979, has an area of 603,380 hectares and therefore is considered the first park with the greatest biodiversity in South America. If you want a detailed map of Cuyabeno region click here.

Its objective is the preservation of our ecosystem of Amazon jungle its flooded with black waters, called Igapo of flora and fauna extraordinarily diverse and abundant plant proportionality is greater than that found elsewhere in the world. Their extraordinary flora consists of: ceibos, guayusa (Infusion feature of the area) lianas, chambiras, pambiles, rafts, orchids, eliconeas, bromeliads, exotic matapalos, bruising, etc.


The fauna is composed of more than 545 species of birds, including macaws, parrots, toucans, harpy eagles, peregrine falcons, kingfishers, hoatzins considered a prehistoric bird and simbol of the reserve.

Over 400 species of fish including piranhas, paiches, eels, catfish, 96 species of amphibians and reptiles of various kinds as the black alligator and anacondas with fabulous legend of that have reached up to 15 meters long. Mammals such as the giant capibara (the world's largest rodent), armadillos, otters, manatees, 12 species of primates, bats, jaguars, ocelots, anteaters, pumas, etc.


CABAAS CUYABENOWithin the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve of Cuyabeno River is the Lodge. This lodge is located just 25 minutes by motorized canoe upriver from the bridge entrance to the reserve, we are the only lodge located in the upper part of the reservation in one of the most fragile Cuyabeno, because we have 231 hectares in this area which we are committed to protect and maintain this place as one of the most diverse ecosystems in our country.

So we've implemented seven different trails as five alternative trails and two adventure trails in which we conduct tours, this has been done with the aim that each have a space of time to recover and are not affected by continuous walking same location.


All lodges are built of split-level wood in order not to affect the animals living in the lodge and are communicated with bridges, rustic style each with private bathroom, proper beds with mosquito nets.

We have various types of cabins to suit your needs and preferences:

Marital, Doubles, Triples, Quadruples, and Family sized cabins with 6 beds; and we are also building a marital suite. Each cabin has a complete private bathroom (2 in the case of our 6 bed rooms), mosquito nets over each bed, electricity (120v)

We offer programs and tours in the park from three days to twelve days, where can you share amazon jungle life and will also live with indigenous families Siona. All information of our adventure programs in the jungle and their rates can search here:

Community Work

Indigena oriente

Being part of a community in the Rainforest, helping local families to sell their agro-ecological products to lodges in Cuyabeno, teaching English in a local school, making handicrafts with a local group of woman…. We have many projects that are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer!

As an ecolodge in Cuyabeno we believe that it’s important that local people can benefit from our activities. Therefore we started cooperation between the lodge and the families in the area surrounding it. Together we are looking for a way to establish a sustainable cooperation between these two groups, in order to improve life standards of families surrounding the lodge as well as offering healthier food to tourists visiting the reserve.

The community of families we are supporting are mostly farmers, living on to the one road that runs through the entrance of the Cuyabeno reserve. This community exists of ten families and is called “El Mirador”. Until now this families received no support from any organization, unlike many other communities in and around Cuyabeno. These receive plenty support from oil companies, NGO’s, cooperation’s, and so on. Mainly because of this lack of attention, but also simply because they are producers living closest to the reserve, we offered them this chance for cooperation.

As a result of this cooperation came out different ideas for possible projects. To help executing these, volunteers are more than welcome. On this page you can find more specific information about the projects, what are the housing possibilities and furthermore the profile we are looking for.



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